Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homework Assignment

Jae wrote this for her Kindergarten homework.  They have free writing assignments where they have to sound out words and express their thoughts.  They read Little Red Riding Hood and were asked to write about what they like to do with their Grandparents.  I just helped with the pictures and slowly sounding out "Chukchansi."

"I like to go to Papa home to play with my (cousins).  Papa gives me (soap).  I went to (Chukchansi) with my Grandma.  She (brought) brownies in a bag.  I love Papa and Grandma.

(To clarify, the only place Jae sees bar soap is at Papa's.  She especially likes his Irish Spring blue bar in the girl's bathroom.  He gives her one now and then and she gets so excited.  We use liquid bath and hand soaps at home.  We do have Ivory bar soap in our shower but it's too high for her to see :)  Also,  Grandma isn't a regular at Chukchansi [an Indian casino] lugging around her little grandchildren bribing them to be quiet with brownies.  It was the only half way point to meet for dinner.)


sequin said...

Isn't it amazing what thrills the kids?!...and the truth be told. Papa gives her soap and Grandma brings her brownies to Chuckchansi - :) LOL Who would've thunk it? What grandparents won't do for their grandchildren!

Katviper said...

I think Grandma needs to see if there is a discount for bring your Grandkids to the casino. It is funny what kids come up with, when they are thinking about something special about someone. Your girls are very lucky to have such great Grandparent. Who else would give them soap? :)

Lisa said...

That Papa and what he gives his grandkids. And Grandma! I wonder if she will still do that when they are older?

Her writing was sweet and that will probably be a treasured keepsake oneday!