Monday, April 21, 2008

Breakfast with the Animals

Saturday morning we had a great time at Breakfast with the Animals at the zoo.  Although it was crowded the lines moved fast because of all the volunteers.  While we waited in line there were animal trainers that came to teach about various small animals they had with them.  The pancake breakfast, although very simple, was tasty and the girls enjoyed listening-in to the bird show next door.  After breakfast they got their faces painted and then it was off to enjoy the zoo.  We were able to 
pet the stingrays, walk through the rain forest with birds flying overhead, safely made it through the reinforced tiger exhibit, watched the elephants, fed gentle giraffes, visited the world's largest rodent - capybara, saw this amazing blue-billed duck, walked
through the reptile house, annoyed a crabby camel, touched lion, tiger, and reindeer fur, saw close up of a bear claw, porcupine quills, and the inside of a giant sea turtle, and best of all we made it out the gates without visiting the gift shop.  

We had one of those days where everything turns out just right. We arrived when we wanted which ended up helping with the long breakfast line, we lucked out on parking near the entrance, the weather turned out to be nice, we saw new and interesting animals, we walked at our own pace, fed the sweet giraffes which was the highlight, and the girls came home with a free souvenir they didn't wash off for two days.  


sequin said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Nothing like watching the animals and just taking as much time as you like. It took me a second to figure out that blue bill duck?

Katviper said...

It has been ages since I have been to the zoo. Your story makes me want to go over there again.

LeeLee said...

What a great day! I love going to the zoo with the kids. We just went to our Zoo here in Norway over Easter holiday. I knew there was a chance that it would rain (it is norway after all!) but we didn't expect a snow storm! I'll have to share pictures of the zoo covered in snow. A completely different experience than the one you just had!

Lisa said...

We have never taken the kids to the zoo. I have wanted to but its never been the right time. We will have to make it a point to go very soon.

I too didn't know what the duck was until I read the post!