Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slumber, Hormones, and Slumber

My head is about as clear as mud.  I guess it's the combination of shock, hormones, lack of caffeine and hormones (did I say hormones?) that is making it difficult to post about one thing.  Kaye's slumber party was a hit last Friday night.  We had three computers set up for their Webkinz enjoyment, a Wii boxing competition, a quiz about the birthday girl that made her come alive and want us to turn down her volume, and movies.  In typical fashion they slept very little, from around 2:15 - 5:45 (when I first heard them).  You know you're older when you can't imagine why they would find that fun.  

I found myself looking up the age of celebrities that I know are pregnant.  Nicole Kidman is a year older than I am, Cate Blanchett a year younger, but forget about Angelina Jolie she is just a baby.  Of course they're all fit like they were twenty.  Why am I doing this?  I'm obsessing about my age and being pregnant.  I'm going to try to stop that and pray more.  When I do, I find some peace.  

Today for the first time I'm feeling little waves of nausea (not just when I'm looking up celebrities' ages).  I'm trying not to think of that feeling too much.  I have been very tired.  The last two nights I went up to bed at 8:30.  I've been getting up at night too for the restroom (I can't believe that starts so early).   I'm past my new bedtime so I better close up.  I'm hoping to find some clarity in the coming days.

btw, I couldn't decide on a baby ticker, so I've used both for the time being.  I'm debating though, whether it's a good idea to post the picture so early.  Right now it does kind of look like a grasshopper's "baby."  Hmmm, maybe I should just change the wording.


Lisa said...

The very beginning is always so hard; exhaustion, shock, hormones, and losing caffiene. We will pray that the 2nd trimester gets here fast!
Don't let your age get to you. Forty is the new thirty. This is the time that a lot of women are just having their first. Age is a state of mind, make sure yours is peaceful.
My son wanted to know how big your baby was. I don't think I will show him the ticker, just yet!

lisafreser said...

Reidar's oldest sister is 44. She just had her second baby, a beautiful healthy little girl. She had her first when she was 38. Babies keep you young of heart and spirit.

sequin said...

I interviewed my teenaged daughter today about having an "old" mother and asked her how she felt. She said in surprise, "Its OK mom, you're my MOM! There's a lot of old moms." She added Auntie will always be cool. :)