Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Lisie!

Today is my sister Lisa's birthday (This Crazy Little Life of Mine).  She is the sibling who is closest to me in age.  We shared a room throughout our growing up years.  She is #5 and I'm #6 in the family line-up.  She could have knocked me down with two fingers but because she loved me she only did it once.  Because I'm smart, I only taunted her once.  She is good at many things but there are two that stand out to me, probably because I did poorly in those two areas; sports and math.  (although I'm the one that came home with the A's in conduct, oh yeah it's not my birthday, back to her :)  She'd make softball all-stars every year.  I fought for the one year I played not to be one of the worst on the team.  She also went to Jr. Olympics for shot put and discus (the classic Greek events) while I was an apprehensive hugger at the Special Olympics.  She breezed through math, I got by.

Two of her best qualities, surpassing those previously mentioned, are her love and her loyalty.  You know when they say "love as a verb," this is what she does.   Because of this she is a great wife and mother!  We all understand  her loyalty because we probably have each been defended by her at one point.  We won't mention the extreme case when she defended our older brother on the court during a basketball game - that is material for another post.  

May God bless her today on her birthday and many, many more years to come.   Remember, Sugar loves you!

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Lisa said...

Well, I'm speechless. Thank you for the kind words. At least the school picture is a decent one, although I hated that shirt. Who parted the hair? It must have been the older sister who was paying me back for something! Oh the joys of growing up in a big family!!!!
Thank you again for the kind words and for posting a picture of me, something I have yet to do!

P.S. Leave it to the Grasshoppers family to leave the most original song on the answering machine. Katviper of course left the worst!!