Thursday, March 6, 2008

Still Celebrating

We got together for dinner tonight with Grandma and J.  They were out of town this weekend and missed the first two parties.  No need to say that Kaye is not complaining.  She received the next Precious Moments collectible from Auntie Ronna and she loves the cute pillow Grandma made her.  
We don't get to see them enough so it is always exciting for the kids to be with their Grandparents.  

As you can see Grandma lets them get away with a lot!  

Just so you know that's root beer in those bottles and Jae never got that sip!  I'm happy tomorrow is Friday.  How about you?


Lisa said...

I wish I still enjoyed celebrating my birthday so many times. Now I just want to forget!

That looks like one hip set of grandparents. I can't believe how old Kae looks. She is really growing up!

sequin said...

Is that girl holding the pillow sweet 16? She looks so mature, with such a sleek hairstyle! No wonder grandma handed her the beer! (Cute pillow!)

TNS said...

I know, she does look old. I don't know? The only thing I can say about her is that even in Kindergarten the other Moms would comment that she seemed very mature.