Monday, March 3, 2008

Reactions to the Big News

Since it was Kaye's birthday and the day we found out the big news, we decided to wrap a note in a box for her to open on her birthday.  This is when she read the first line "Mommy is expecting..."

This is when Kaye and Cee read the rest "...we are having a baby!"

Jae had walked out of the room to get something, so they went into the other room to tell her. 

She wanted to go upstairs to see HOW we knew.

This is our reaction:

"Uh, excuse me?"

As we told the family we were blessed with some really nice reactions which makes all the difference!  Maybe after a few more days of sleep it will all sink in a little better.


sequin said...

OK, where's the baby countdown? I like that on a blog! Don't you?

Lisa said...

The girls are going to be such a big help, you probably won't even know that you have a baby, except for the C-Section scar. You are going to have to breast feed so that you have time with the baby!

Hurry and pick you clicker so I can pick one. Since it is your baby I will let you pick first!