Monday, March 24, 2008

'B' is for Birthday and two B's

This little girl, our niece, made the paper!  She celebrated her birthday last Saturday.  She was born one of the most beautiful babies and remains beautiful inside and out!  As you can see below she has lots of personality and a kind heart.  Happy 6th Birthday B!

Happy Birthday today to my big Brother.  He is shown here at the airport, most likely one of his favorite places.  He flies, builds airplanes, teaches and directs.  He's very busy but will drop anything to help his family.  Happy Birthday BB!


Lisa said...

What a great picture of the Birthday Girl! She is a very sweet girl and I can't believe that she has gotten so big!

And Happy "Early" Birthday to the Birthday Boy! He could probably just change his address to the airport and it would be the truth! He is truly always their for his Family, especially his Father!!!!!!!!

sequin said...

Little B girl is always such a sweet girl when we get to see her. And big B boy is truly one of the most gifted men I know....and he is there in a flash when asked to share those gifts will all of us technically impaired family! Praise be to God!