Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First OB Appt.

Today was my first doctor appt. although it was just with the nurse.  We went over a lot of paperwork for labs, background information and went home with a lot of vitamin samples with the right combination to help the little annoyances of pregnancy.  The girls were excited to get a free diaper bag and changing pad.  They have been excited about purchasing something for the baby.  Next week I go in for an early ultrasound.  At that appt. they'll determine the due date based on measurements.  

One thing pregnancy does (even when it's your fourth), is open a floodgate of worry.  It seems like you want to get over one stage of worry to begin the next.  The nurse talked about the options available to me now that I'm over 35.  Genetic counseling, Amnio, detailed Ultrasound, options as early as 11 weeks which made me suspicious - wondering why you would have to know so early.  If we want a detailed ultrasound, genetic counseling goes with it.  I've been asking for prayers from St. Elizabeth who was an older mother herself.  I just saw her picture and noticed her feast day is my current due date - November 5th!


Lisa said...

This is not a coincidence. We will pray to Saint Elizabeth for peace for you. Once you have the ultrasound you will probably rest easier.
Can they tell the sex at 11 weeks?
We forgot to bring a little something for the new little one for Easter. We will have to come see you soon, especially if you are going to have an ulrasound soon.

sequin said...

Yes, even before I read the entry, I noticed the Nov. 5th date! St. Elizabeth will be hearing from us too. I felt genetic counseling and amnio were good. I thought if there was anything informative we could read up and prepare to accept a special gift! God knows the plans He has for us and never gives us any more than we can handle. St. Dymphna can also pray for your mental peace of mind. I hope I'm not sounding like the "butterfly". Perhaps I'm more like the toad talking to another toad right now. But, before long you'll be a butterly again too!

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a wonderful connection! Prayeers for your exciting pregnancy journey for you and your (now 4) children!

kari & kijsa

Angie said...

With our third, we had to have a Level II Ultrasound with a perinatologist and then a follow up with a genetic counselor in his practice. We actually had a regular u/s at 17 weeks or so, and then the perinatologist insisted we go to his actual office (about 1 1/2 hours away) for a better one than he could do at our doctor's office. (This was all because our second son was born with a heart defect.)

Speaking of how early they want to do all this is what made me think of this story, because as we were getting ready to schedule our u/s out of town, the genetic counselor said that we were need to have the Level II u/s done prior to some certain week -- maybe it was 21 weeks or something like that -- to be sure that we had "options" if the results were not favorable. Eric and I, of course, knew what he was saying. We assured him that there was no hurry to get us in -- there was nothing we would see that would make us feel inclined to go with any option other than having our baby.

The Level II u/s was very thorough, and it meant that Molly had an echocardiogram while still in utero. Crazy! Of course, everything was fine with her, and then we were even able to find out with absolutely no doubt that she was a she. :) (My Mom kept asking them to verify. Finally, the doctor showed a still image and even *I* could see the girl parts. LOL He told my Mom, "If this is not a girl, this is going to be a VERY disappointed boy." LOL!!!)

Best of luck to you, and I will send up a prayer to St. Elizabeth on your behalf!

Angie said...

Well, well -- didn't I get wordy? *blush*