Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating Easter

We had a wonderful Easter.  After a week in the infirmary the last sickie cleared up Saturday night.  We had 79 degree weather on Easter Sunday - not bad for March!  Here are a few too many pictures:

I only got one shot of their Easter dresses very quickly before Mass.  This photo proves what a stellar photographer I am!  We thought we'd go for matching dresses one last time (since things will change either way next Christmas and Easter).  They all like to match still, so no complaints.  

Some cute little Egg Hunters in Papa's backyard.

The Hunters reveal their find.

If I act cool and casual, no one will notice!


Lisa said...

The girls look so cute in their dresses. I am glad I at least got to see a picture! A week in the infirmary and you were still able to get all those egg dyed. We never got to ours and I am sad. We enjoyed your extras for lunch today.
What a great picture of "Fatom the Wonder Dog!"

sequin said...

A lovely celebration I'd say. God does work "little" miracles in our lives - raising even the sick to new life! Perhaps you could find a matching shirt should it be necessary? ...and yes, Phantom does fit in quite well!