Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday?

I'm not sure what works right now other than getting to bed early and having well children.  Two are sick again :(  Jae attends Kindergarten and it seems she has had a non-stop cold or virus since September.  Many of the students have been out sick in January and February.  Cee is now sick too - they share a bed.  It was cute the other day when Jae went out to the garage and lugged in a heavy bag of Papa's oranges.  She told me she NEEDED orange juice.  I hope it wasn't their bare feet in the pool water when we were over-enjoying the warm 67 degrees on Saturday.

See all the great ideas at Works for me Wednesday (I'll post the link when it's up), as for now I got nothing - except for something my Mom always said "go to bed, things will look brighter in the morning."

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Lisa said...

I agree! I have two sick as well. My son started to get sick yesterday and is still running about a 102 temp. At least he isn't throwing up anymore!
Had to do the Wordless Wednesday today.