Monday, February 18, 2008

Tackling Laundry

Remember I said Saturday was sunny so we attended to some of the chores on our outside list?  Well, today was cloudy in more ways than one, because it was laundry day.  There was a motherload to tackle.  Since I am a TMR (time management retardo), I found myself employing some coping mechanisms to help me through the day.

1.  A "little" break to check and reply to email is not a "little" break, so you need another "little" break to make up for it.

2.  A whole box of Hot Tamales can really give you a zing and make you fold laundry faster for a good five minutes.

3.  Milk Duds and Dove Milk Chocolate hearts can give you a good 15 minutes of fast folding time.  (handy around the time your sorting through all the mismatched socks)

4.  Finding last Summer's swimsuit at the bottom of the hamper doesn't make you realize you've neglected to fully do your laundry for 3 Seasons, it just makes you think it was thrown in clean.

5.  When your sorting through laundry upstairs and you marvel at how well your kids are behaving downstairs it just means they're sitting at your NEW computer with an open jar of peanut butter, licking their fingers!

6.  When your sorting through laundry while listening to an audio book about eating more vegetables and you feel inspired and determined you're going to finally change and then come downstairs to eat the Hot Tamales, Milk Duds, Dove chocolates and top it off with a can of green olives - you're not ready for change.  Maybe ready for an antacid, but not for change.

Well I better go add the jeans and dry the last of the colors, where are those Milk Duds?

p.s. I did not give up candy for Lent, although it may have been a good idea!


Lisa said...

I never thought about using the Hot tamales to get the laundry done! I like that idea.
I won't even describe what my laundry room looks like. I am just thankful that I have a nice big laundry room now and not the old laundry closet!

Angie said...

Oh laundry -- the bane of my existance.

Seriously, I don't mind laundry too much, but it just never seems to end. Ever.

lisafreser said...

Hot Tamales and Milk Duds! A girl after my own heart! It is a saving grace that those don't exist I make up for it during the summer! ;)

I don't mind doing laundry. We have the biggest washing machine on the market here...and that holds about 6 small bathtowels at a time. Not much! I have to do it everyday because of the small load and the fact that it takes so long. What do I hate about laundry? Putting it away! I would love to have a family closet in the laundry room. It would be so much easier!