Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a Little Sleep Can Do

We had a good day at home.  We woke up to rain, but by mid-day it was only partly cloudy with blue skies peaking through.  The girls seemed a little better today too.  Last night I went to bed early with my laptop and some hot tea.  Ahh, it was nice.  All day long this tree caught my attention.  In the rain I thought it might be going through a little blossom confusion, but after the blue sky peaked through I knew the blossoms would thrive at least for the afternoon.  More rain on it's way though.
We accomplished a lot of school today, despite some small interruptions - under the table!  After school I did a little "scrapbooking" (cards) which I'll post when I get them done.  I tried this new recipe tonight from Robin Miller: chicken with brie on baby spinach salad.  We really liked it.  Click the link to get the recipe from FoodTv.  

After dinner we watched for the lunar eclipse.  The clouds cleared after the optimum time but still we all enjoyed being outside after dark.  Needless to say the attempt at pictures was useless with our camera, but here's the little dot.  

It was a good day!


lisafreser said...

Hi! I saved that recipe in my favorites file. It sounds so good! Not sure how many kids I can get to eat the spinach (probably half of them!) but I will try it.

Ainsley set her alarm for 4am this morning, thursday (which was 7pm your time wednesday) to see the lunar eclipse. Unfortunately it was storming outside so she didn't have a chance! I'll share your picture with her!

Lisa said...

The recipe looks great. I will have to try if I can make low fat! Oh yeah!
Isn't it amazing what a little sleep can do.

sequin said...

I'm back! The tree is lovely!! Skippita looks so educated and yes the eclipse was exciting! We'll have to try the yummy recipe!...and yes an early to bed will always do wonders!