Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

A few of my favorite new things...MacBook, my Valentine coffee mug with coffee in it, my leopard reading glasses (gag gift from my Sister on my 40th, which I use), Becky Higgin's card ideas and an afternoon free to play around on the art table.  These birthday thank-you's are long overdue.  I'm a bit under the weather today, so what better day to make a card and send your sweet germs along with a belated thank you.  Don't worry though, I still have to address and mail them, by that time any germs will have long died.   Here are two of my favorites:

Of course I like the one that is green and simple.

This one had the most detail but I like it too - especially on the white.  Tomorrow is the Academy Awards, I couldn't have picked a better weekend to be sick.


Lisa said...

Great cards. I hope I get to see one in person. You did a really good job on them.
Sorry to hear that you are now under the weather. The same thing as the kids? Bummer.
You'll be able to watch the Academy Awards is bed with a great mug of hot toddy!

Lisa said...

I Love You Auntie, a lot.
I hope you feel better!
Love, M.

TNS said...

Oh, I love my little comment from the mighty red Power Ranger. I love you too! I like when your Mom writes about the smart things you say. The girls still want to work in your doctor's office as long as they don't see any blood - we'll leave that for your tough little sister.

No, it's not the same sick - more of the embarrassing kind of sick. I'm the only one who has it and I'm hoping it stays that way. Yes, you're getting one of those cards - some day.

Angie said...

Very sweet cards! I just love Becky Higgins!

sequin said...

Hope you're feeling better by today - Sunday. (But maybe not too much til tonight.) You have such a knack for those cards! They're awesome. Those glasses look beautiful, perhaps we'll catch a glimpse someday of you in them?