Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars in Review

Man it takes up a whole day to watch the Oscars these days.  Whew, hard work.  Kaye and I mainly watched together.  She helped me take notes and gave me her opinion (reminded me of my Mom and I watching Miss America).  I wonder if this has any merit at all?  So, I better just call it my break and the kind of fun you'd have as a little kid, doodling on your folder (sort of worthless).  So, here are our winners: 

Best Dressed - Keri Russell
Most Dramatic - Heidi Klum
Most Stunning - Katherine Heigl
(a better picture of her)
Most Classic - Nicole Kidman
Worst Dressed  - Diablo Cody (I wanted her to win though)

In the spirit of high school I also wanted to award in the following categories:

Scariest:  Tilda Swinton
Snottiest:  Laura Linney
Most Fake:  Jennifer Garner
Grumpiest:  Summer Phoenix
Why am I finding him so attractive:  Viggo Mortensen
I Now Understand the Hype:  George Clooney
Still Don't Get It:  Colin Farrell
Most Likely to be Posted on Refrigerator as Inspiration:  Renee Zellweger
Most Need of a Stylist:  Saoirse Ronan (her Mom slicked back her hair with a rubber band)
Nicest Guy but Worst Look:  Daniel Day-Lewis
What is He On?/Party Crasher:  Gary Busey

Tomorrow I'm down to business! (really)


Lisa said...

WOW, very impressed with the post. You and Kae can have your own shown on E. It will be the most watched of all the Oscar shows! I wish I could say that I watched it, but didn't. Rained delayed races and Church got in the way. I don't think I saw any of the movies that were nominated anyway!
Hope your feeling better!

Katviper said...

Man, ET needs to hire the two of you. You did a better job then they did tonight on their show. You guys are the next Joan and Melissa. You need to do an Oscar Party next year.

sequin said...

I didn't watch most either, but I did catch Diablo Canyon accepting her award. I agree on the worst dressed thing there! Do you really find Viggo Mortenson kind of attractive - you're right to ask why. Lots of fun watching the glamour. Agree totally with the Renee Zellwiger (sp?) choice - she's great!