Friday, February 22, 2008

Stations of the Cross

This evening we went to Mass, Stations of the Cross and a Lenten meal at the Parish Hall.  Every Lent we intend to do this on Friday, but sadly before this year, there was always something else.  I've always admired how my sister, her family and my Dad go to Stations of the Cross at their Church in another town every Friday.  Their parish has a soup meal after Stations which they take turns preparing.  

This Lent we have attended in our parish and for the last two Fridays have gone to the Lenten meal afterward.  It's not really a sacrifice, however, last week having Italian salad, wine, clam chowder in sour dough bowels, and a dessert.  Tonight they served pasta fagioli with the same accompaniments.  It was a nice meal with friendly parishioners.  We were the youngest family there.  One note when going to such meal don't wear a loose blouse (you know if you have a round middle).  An older lady that I know said "oh you're having another baby, when I said no, she said, "no, you're having another baby!"  Unless she knows something I don't!  I mean when you make a mistake the first time don't insist!  I smiled anyway and laughed with DH.

Thanks to my Dad, Sister and family for being good examples for us to follow.  It was very nice and I know it meant something to our Savior who died for us!


Lisa said...

I have also wanted to do this as well. I keep blaming it on having small children, working and being to tired or forgetting when Friday roles around. I will have to make it a point to try to go next Friday. Mind you I say this every week.

sequin said...

That sounds like some meal! I have read of "Fresh Fish Fries" during Lent and would love to have one nearby. No matter what it is, even a simple meal like soup, it is a blessing just to not have to cook. The best thing is that it strengthens the community in our walk with Jesus! I hope you enjoyed it even with the unsolicited questions.