Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attention Thieves

Today I surrendered a bit in the fight to keep my children's attention.  These things aren't bad, but how much will they steal from their focus on things that are enriching?  They love Webkinz, a stuffed animal with a code into a virtual computer world where you can grow your own plants, buy gifts for friends, design rooms, and earn points for shopping.  This grabs their attention for hours.  I have to limit their time of course but if left to themselves I'm sure they'd entertain themselves for days.

The second and more concerning on a different level was the Hannah Montana 3D concert in the movie theatre.  We went this afternoon and paid a hefty $15 for each ticket!  DH was smart enough to request that I take them.  For $30 Jae and I had a little afternoon nap.  I think Hannah Montana is harmless enough it's just that they become so attracted to the clothes, the tv show, the songs.  It makes them grow up too fast.  Now tomorrow maybe I can attract them to some soap making, yarn spinning and yodeling like proper homeschool kids.


sequin said...

Yes, I remember my son saying to me a few years ago that I was "way too overprotective." Now, being 18 and "all grown up" he e-mailed me the other night from college saying he understood what I meant about one of those protective type things I had told him. Don't underestimate the value of "soap making, yarn spinning and yodeling" - it may just steal their attention - and they may just let you know later that they absolutely loved those protective type home school lessons!...oh the pull of the world.

Angie said...

LOL -- what about cow milking too? ;) Oh, but for the record -- my kids love making soap.

Lisa said...

I cannot believe how much all three girls look alike in that photo. They also look just like DH's family. I have never seen it before as much as I see it in that picture.
Your girls will be just fine!

lisafreser said...

You can always add some of the skills we learned in 4-H into your curriculum! Everyone needs to know how to do leather craft, cake decorating, liquid embroidery, or macrame!