Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why can't it be Super Friday?

Things went well yesterday on Super Tuesday.  To say it was busy and we are tired is putting it lightly.  A great experience.  We accomplished what we set out to do, give the girls a first hand account of the voting process.  They absolutely loved it and wanted to stay out there the whole time.  It was really cold in the morning and evening and the day was long.  At the close of polls at 8:00 pm we had to find a second wind to complete the most careful process - counting the ballots, running the totals on the machines, officially sealing boxes...  After our drop-off it was 10:00 pm when we all came in cold and tired.  A hot shower never felt so good.  DH said it best when he said why can't it be "Super Friday" then we could sleep-in the next day.  Today while at a stoplight I actually fell asleep for a second or two.  Late this afternoon I had to take two to the doctor; apparently virus + snow + cold garage for 15 hours is hard on a little body.  

Now, back to all the things that have been put aside for this experience.  Today is Ash Wednesday and like always, God has perfect timing!  I need Lent. 

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sequin said...

Thank you for going above and beyond for your civic duty. It sounds that we all should be more thankful to the precinct workers!! I'm sure the girls will have a strong memory of how our democracy works - what an awesome home school lesson!!! Yes, don't we all need Lent!