Friday, February 8, 2008

For Steve

Steve, a great friend of ours just completed radiation treatment for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic.  What a great guy he is along with his strong and wonderful wife Karen and their two kids who don't come any cuter!  Above is a picture of Steve and DH at our wedding.  Karen sent out a little challenge to see if anyone would shave their head to show their support for Steve.  DH definitely wanted to show his.  

Forty with a beautiful thick head of hair.  Gray but thick and full.  

I think he looks a little like "Lovelace" from Happy Feet.

A flashback from his 80's high school haircut.

Here we are - his new look for weeks to come!  I think Steve's is a little smoother!  

The girls didn't like it!  I kind of like the feel of it.  DH thinks it's cool in more ways than one, especially the temperature kind of cool.

I think this is the look he'll be sporting for awhile.  Hmmm, what to do about Church?  Steve we're praying for you!  You and Karen are two of the strongest people we know.  May God be with you and heal you.


sequin said...

My, my, my, what an awesome friend!! Our prayers to Steve and his family. What a difference a few years and a few hairs make. However, one "hardly notices" when your DH sports that big smile.

Lisa said...

I like the "Lovelace" picture. I agree that your DH is an awesome friend! He actually looks pretty good with no hair. With the hat, you can't even tell!
Our prayers are also with Steve and his family. It was nice seeing an updated picture of him. He looks good and so does the DH.