Thursday, January 31, 2008

Too Much - Not Enough

Have you ever known you're walking in the wrong direction but things are distracting you so much you don't turn back and head for the right direction?  That's how I feel lately.  I feel like there's been an excess of events, material things, food, things to prepare.  There hasn't been enough of the exercises that sustain me like prayer and sacrifice.  I've been going to bed lately knowing I didn't serve God well that day.  Feeling like he's waiting for me. 

Today I heard of two seperate lives that were suddenly gone.  Both I did not know.  The first was a man who supervises some of the people who work in DH's office.  He was fine yesterday, sending out emails at 5:30, went home and had a massive heart attack and died.  The second was someone my sister told me about from a blog she read.  A father suddenly taken just after final adoption went through days earlier for their 5th & 6th child.  

We don't know how long we have.  I keep thinking once this is over or that is over, I'll focus more.  ...but the only time I may have is now.  So I leave you with these heavy thoughts.  It's probably best I close up and go to sleep so I can prepare to do better tomorrow.  May God provide me the grace I need to follow Him better.


Lisa said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have felt the same way the last few days. I will have to find mom's quote that she wrote me about keeping our life balanced. That we have to have the spiritual side balanced with our day to day.
I received my Christmas gift yesterday. It comes at a very good time for me. I will start today!

TNS said...

Thank you. Maybe part of the answer is to get up as early as you! That's before the crack of dawn.

sequin said...

"Stay awake, be ready, for we do not know the hour that the Lord is coming." Although I don't know their names, our family will keep these two families in our prayers.