Friday, February 1, 2008

A Change in Direction

I headed in the right direction today and it felt good, tiring, but good.  I mentioned in a past post about volunteering our garage to be a polling place for the upcoming California Primary this coming Tuesday.  To say I was overly optomistic and not thinking things entirely through would not be a mistatement.  Now I'm, excuse me, we're paying for it.  Although we took a two hour training class one Saturday, I wonder if DH and I are qualified to be the most knowledgeable "officers" in our precinct.  When I volunteered I envisioned some Retirees coming in to handle things and I'd be running back and forth replinishing donuts.  Instead, DH is Inspector, I'm Clerk, and we have two high school helpers.  I hope we're not on the news as the precinct holding up the election.

So, today, as a birthday gift for DH, I cleaned out the remainder of the garage, so he wouldn't have to spend all Saturday doing it.  I lifted, hauled, swept and exterminated.  Believe me there are no before pictures because I wouldn't want to shame my father.  While I was on a roll a crane (not a bird) showed up.  Apparently the person that bought our palm tree decided after 2 months that today was the day to remove it.   I was a little worried the break would make my muscles tense up and I'd quit, but after a short break I was back to business.  Being down to the last minute can do that to a person.  

Here's our tree before.  Nice size for our neighborhood but high maintenance and "pokey" for the kids.  We sold it (older palm trees are in demand) because we want a tree with some Fall color which I think adds a "homey" feel. 

Surprisingly, right around here I became a little sad.  Although annoying, it was strange seeing our tree hanging upside down and I might miss it, just a little.  

Off she went...I reassured Jae that she would go to another nice home with kids.  Maybe we'll see her in another yard some day.

Back to business.  After most of the day here was my result.  During the cleaning I had to homeschool a little different today.  The girls would bring out their books, get a little direction, return to argue with each other for awhile, show up 10 minutes later on the next Math problem and then return to argue some more.  It wasn't the best school day but I think this is a birthday gift DH will like.
Now, what to do about this come election day?


Lisa said...

That a Girl! I believe that Uncle Nick had it right when he would take a nap when anything got overwhelming. When he woke up, he would always feel better about it.

Your garage looks great! Was the DH surprised? I am sure with your three extra workers, everything will be great on Tuesday.

sequin said...

Yes it is kind of sad to say good bye to a living thing that has been part of your life. But just think, whoever bought that tree must really love it - kind of like an adoption. It does leave quite a whole doesn't it. The garage looks great - very clean and tidy. God be with you on Tuesday.