Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Have you seen it?  We all love this show about a family with 2, six year olds and 6, two year olds (their ages in the first season).  It's hard to believe that two pregnancies led to eight children.  As they describe in the opening, they had fertility problems, gave birth to twins and decided to have another baby and got six.  

What's fun to watch is their system.  Although there is much stress and bickering mostly from Kate to Jon, their house runs smoothly (for the most part).  It's almost as if Kate is so determined to make their lives normal she goes crazy accomplishing it.  ...and accomplish she does.  Things like spending only $150 a week in groceries, driving the whole family from Pennsylvania to Florida to visit Disneyworld, and throwing a carnival on their front lawn for the sextuplets 3rd birthday party.  

The first time I watched I thought Kate was mean to Jon, but once you watch a couple of episodes you realize circumstances make her that way and she's the first to admit that she's a control freak and germ phob.  Also, you see the love she has for each child and her beaten-down husband.

What other family with eight children under seven could have a film crew in their house 24/7 but one led by a Germ-a-phobic Control Freak?  It will make your life seem easy.  It comes on Monday nights at 9:00 on TLC.  You can see their personal website here.

Kate's 8 Tips for a Smooth Household

1.  Organize - keep a list of to dos and cross off things as you go

2.  Shop on a Budget - look for sales, take advantage of coupons and promotions
3.  Prepare for Outings - plan ahead, bring supplies
4.  Count Your Blessings - being thankful during everyday life gives you a boost
5.  Promote Safety - talk to children about safety, teach them to come to you
6.  Provide Order - a schedule will help everyone in the family
7.  Reward Your Children - this will help, they want your approval
8.  Make Housework a Family Affair - provides family unity, and sense of belonging


Marc and Charity said...

Hi TNS, Thanks for the comment. I can't wait to get started sewing!!!

I've never heard of this show, so they must not show it here in the UK. Sounds fun though. Can't imgaine!!!

Lisa said...

I love this show to but haven't been able to catch it lately. She gives me hope that I can deal with two children. I wonder how many pictures it took to get that photo? With that many little ones it would have been so hard.