Monday, January 28, 2008

Preparing an Account of our Amazing Weekend

We had an amazing time in San Francisco this weekend!  DH and I celebrated our 40th birthdays with an extraordinary private dinner prepared by the Chef of Farallon, whom we actually love not only because he prepared this unforgettable event, but because he is DH's brother.  

We were blown away by two things, the tremendous dinner and the fact that my brother-in-law was not only preparing our private dinner for 12 but prepared dinner for a party of 100+ in the other room, and in charge of the restaurant downstairs.  (I had to email DH to find out the exact number of salads Ryan prepared for the other room while simultaneously serving our 5 courses - this is an exact quote:)  "120 salads in 7 mins.  The waiters were saying how impressive it was.  They also couldn't believe the Chef had a brother so much taller, smarter, funnier, and non-smelly."

I'm trying to write a post with pictures today.  Not sure how I'm going to describe this weekend.  DH's Mom and Husband, Six of my Brothers and Sisters and my Niece and her Boyfriend all journeyed to San Francisco to share this special dinner with us.  They all gave up time, money, and their comfort zones to do this with us.  The Chef went to great lengths - we're not only honored but feel a little guilty.  (above is the picture of the beautiful flowers he ordered for our table)

Stay tuned for details.  I took the picture below of the restaurant from the upper level.  

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sequin said...

Can't wait to read your account. I've been to Farallon before myself and am anxious to see your review.