Monday, January 28, 2008

A Night to Remember

It seems like we've been celebrating this 40th birthday for some time now, especially since we didn't want to make too big a deal of it.  
Oh, what DH and I will do to get out of throwing a party.  Like my Mom used to say, I create more work to get out of work.  The idea started some time ago with a combined celebration of our 40th birthdays at "our" (my?) favorite restaurant, Oyama, a small Japanese place where they know our names and order.  We would invite our parents, brothers and sisters, and six of our friends.  Then, our favorite place was sold!!!  That really threw us, there was no other alternative.  I think it's strange now that I think back to it.  We threw out the idea at Christmas of going to Farallon in San Francisco, and we had positive responses, somewhat to our surprise.  After DH talked to his brother and received another favorable response, the decision was made. 
Twelve of us traveled to "The City" from different directions.  Eight of us traveled together and stayed in close proximity.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and enjoyed Union Square.  We had to go to the Apple Store, Ghiradelli Chocolate, the square itself, and to the Disney Store.  We prepared for dinner and walked up two blocks to the restaurant. 
The Farallon decor is very impressive with large jelly fish light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.  It was designed to convey an underwater experience with no square corners in the entire bottom restaurant.  We were upstairs in the private dining rooms, named after caviar, ours - Sevruga.  
As I mentioned in the last post, DH's brother as Chef was very busy, not only with a bustling Saturday night but with a large 100+ party in the "Beluga" room.  He greeted us and our experience began.  
 I only have three pictures of the five courses:  

Dungeness Crab Salad - watermelon radish, avocado, cara cara vinaigrette,
Seared Maine Diver Scallop - paprika braised octopus, haricots verts, garlic vinaigrette
Grilled Creekstone Farms Filet of Beef - Maine lobster, Yukon potato puree, porcini mushrooms
Each course was paired with a different wine.  Some California, Italian and French.  It was a long leisurely dinner, where the conversation was good, the service unnoticed, and the food light, yet rich and amazing.
Of course we dine like this all the time so we know exactly how to act in such situations.
We took a tour of the restaurant downstairs and the now empty private dining rooms.  We completed our night downstairs.  We did have a brief celebrity encounter.  Cybil Shepherd was there in a hooded jacket.  We saw her leaving and dashing to her car in the rain.  Apparently she is performing in a theatre down the street.  
I know it's cliche to say, but it truly was an experience we won't forget.  We are truly thankful to all our family - the Chef, parents, brothers and sisters and niece and nephew who gave us the gift of their love through their time, effort, and talents!   

Oh yeah, our babysitter was a bit tied up when we got home

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sequin said...

What a lovely account! The food looks delicious and your DH looks like he had a "hoot" of a time! Those children - they look like they had a "hoot" of a time too!