Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clean Floors -The Easy Way

To my surprise I received a Roomba from my DH this Christmas.  It really has made a difference in our floors.  Clean floors make a whole room look fresh.  I love the idea that it does the work for me while I concentrate on something else.  I like to run it in another room while we homeschool.  It is a little loud in the same room, like your Mom vacuuming under your feet.  I usually do the schoolroom when we're finished working.  I keep it on charge when not in use so it's ready to go when I need it.  When it senses a lot of dirt it will circle the area until it has cleaned everything.  You can imagine it does quite a bit of circling under the kitchen table.
It works well on both carpet and hard wood and can easily transition in a room with both.

I have the model that comes with virtual walls to keep Roomba in one room.  You choose the distance of the laser and set it down where you want it to turn around.  The kids and the pets love to see this.   It took me a couple of times to work out a few quirks with it such as battery life (I thought it would run 6 hrs but really runs about 2-3), brush cleaning, and taking away the easily removable items so it can clean more thoroughly.
I was thrilled with this surprise gift...but when I celebrated my birthday a few weeks later and received this from my DH, I started to wonder.  He's not the type to be bothered by dustbunnies or clutter so I think it just may be attributed to his male mind...naturally he analyzes, categorizes, and develops so he must of saw my excitement with the Roomba and said "hey, I'll hit a jackpot again."  He made up for it when he took me to get a MacBook the next morning.  I do like this too for quick pet hair clean-up and the car.  Very powerful and not so hard on the eyes in the corner of the room.
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Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That's great. I wondered if they were worth it, and I am glad to know that they work well on hardwoods.

Kristy said...

What BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors! We are blessed with hardwood floors as well but so far I haven't found anything that keeps them shining. Hmmmm...

TNS said...

Kristy, thank you. Have you tried hardwood floor spray? We found 'Zep' in a kit w/ a wide terry cloth mop at Home Depot. Once the floors are dust free spray a small amount and go over with the "mop" (it's like a wide Swiffer).

Thank for stopping by.

Lisa said...

Does it work well on pet hair? We have a long haired cat and an old dog that like to leave hair around. If it works good on that I might have to talk the husband into getting me one. Actually he would be getting it for himself!