Monday, January 21, 2008


Lisa at This Crazy Little Life of Mine (my sister) wrote a thoughtful post about "Dreams" in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I was inspired to post my dreams.  It is to know, love, and serve God better.  This primarily means that I follow His will.  There are some things completely clear and some things to be revealed.  

It is clear that I am to love my Husband and offer my best self to him.  I thought about this and I know this means to love him at all times.  When it's a gift to love my husband and on the rare occasion when it can be hard to "love as a verb."  For example, when you're at Disneyland and you have to go to the bathroom so you leave him with your princess-loving daughter in the Cinderella line and then discover he took a picture of some drunk truck driver posing as your 4 yr. old.  Even during times like that.   Thank you Dear, your little girl will always treasure this picture.
Following God's will also means to give all I have to our children.  To bring them to Him so they'll end up with Him.  This is always a gift but some moments are more enjoyable than others.  Like when they're looking so cute, picture below (not above) a few years ago.  ...or tonight at dinner when your 5 yr. old tells you are the "best cooker in the whole world" as she eats her KFC.  
Oh, how I need help.  Today was a distracted day may I do better at pursuing my dreams tomorrow!  (hmmm, that sounds like something a Grasshopper would say)


Lisa said...

Oh, I laughed so hard when I read that one. I was laughing so hard that the DH wanted to know what was wrong. I couldn't even read it to him, I was laughing so hard!!
Oh those great moments in time that are document on film!! Priceless

sequin said...

Cinderella looks pretty content herself with that drunk truck driver and is giving the photographer quite a fetching glance!