Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Second Days the Worst!

It was hard for everyone to get up the second morning...the third is a close second. We'll have to get some recovery time tonight. Jae has an xray of her adenoids this morning. Dr suspects they are enlarged and should be taken out.

The escalated crime reports in this economy are a bit alarming. Just hours after picking up Jae's antibiotic at the pharmacy, it was held up. Supposedly someone was demanding oxycontin. There were five pharmacies in the area that were hit last night and they didn't even catch the suspect. Batman where are you when we need you?


Lisa said...

I was going to post on the same topic today. I was dreading Monday morning, but it was a breeze! Yesterday was horrible and today was the same. I guess they will have to be in bed tonight at 6:00pm.

Poor Jae! Hopefully it will be and easy process, followed by lots of Superior Ice Cream!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Gras"shopper" funny....thats what I see when I type grashopper!

I can relate....I have been sleeping in until 9am....or even 10am. Its dark and gray up here in the Pacific Northwest!