Wednesday, January 6, 2010

After suffering through two McDonald's lunches (did I just say that?) two days in a row because of Jae's doctor appt then xray, I decided to just buy all the Chipmunks. You should have seen her surprise in the back seat....just before she yelled out "that's better than buying me a new car!" She loves figures, so I know that she will get a lot of play time out of these plastic pieces. Theodore and Eleanor were already Mom and Dad and then Principal and Secretary. Alvin and Brittany were teenagers and Simon and Jeannette were twins that like to eat too much. It was one of those moments you enjoy spoiling your kids with things they really don't need but like so much.


LeeLee said...

I totally agree! You did good!

Lisa said...

They look so cute, how could you not get them.
What did the Dr. have to say? Does she have a lot of icecream in her future?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Simon the Dad and Secretary? ...and Theodore the twin of Eleanor?
your daughter,

Trudy said...

Oops, yes I did get that wrong. I guess I don't know my Chipmunks as well as I should.