Thursday, March 26, 2009

a great moment

{Update below} the Academic Decathlon

Playing around with brushes in Photoshop Elements.  Bought these new brush edges from House of 3

Up tomorrow:
  • academic awards at school (asked to be there so hopefully it's good)
  • lunch and playdate in the park (girls out at noon)
  • home to freshen up 
  • Mass and Stations of the Cross
  • homemade clam chowder at a friends
  •  sleep over
  • good and tired
Well this is how it really went:
  • academic awards (2 honor rolls and Jae received special "Star" award for Christ-like behavior - yeah)
  • lunch and playdate at park
  • Dr. appt for Jae's knee
  • hours spent getting X-ray and bloodwork at Children's Hosp.
  • late so we ate at hosp. cafeteria
  • came home to pack up to salvage sleepover
  • arrive at 8:30 at friends to still enjoy bowl of clam chowder - yum
  • home at 10:00, sleepover saved
  • still waiting (Sat. morn) for results - dr. thought it looked pretty swollen but Jae hasn't complained anymore and puts weight on it without problem
have a great weekend,


sequin said...

Love seeing that great smile! She has a lot to be proud of! Cute techniques to the photo - now how did you get that onto your blog? How did the Academic awards turn out? Sounds like a great easy going day.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Is Jae OK? Did she fall at the park?

The award for christ like behavior would make ant momma proud....that must feel really good!

I'm laughing......thinking....did some kid get the devel made me do it award?

The sun is out up here and the birds are off I go.

Blessings to you,

PS I like the orange on your blog!