Tuesday, March 31, 2009

  1. cooking more - pasta bake with grilled asparagus
  2. trying to be more healthy - roasted chicken and vegetables
  3. clearing and brightening - cheery daffodils
  4. enjoying the yard - Jae's tree-art near the playhouse - girls love the playhouse in Spring
  5. creating - letters to decopage
  6. using what I have - sewing an apron
  7. keeping my thoughts focused - first knitted scarf - learned at knittinghelp.com and this video.
{also having fun in Photoshop with photos and elements}


LeeLee said...

You taught yourself to knit! I´m so jealous! I´ve tried off and on for many years.... I did half a sweater once but gave up. It is hard! Great work on the scarf!

Jazzbee said...

Great job on the scarf ~ and all of your other "positive" projects. Hopefully, '..happy days are here again....'

Jeanie said...

I'm super curious about the apron. I just bought one from etsy after totally becoming addicted to the idea of them from The Farm Chicks but where did you find a pattern? Is it hard?

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~

WOW knitting! How did it go? Is it hard? Does it take forever to make something?

Sounds like you are in a happy mood!....that makes me happy~

Your blog friend,

sequin said...

I am so impressed with the fabulous looking dishes! They look absolutely professional and yummy. Nothing like some bulb flowers to brighten up the house. Creativity is very uplifting. Beautiful scarf! Also impressed with your post and how you laid out the pictures. Very "artsy" and attractive. Someday soon for me...LOL!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey Grasshopper Girl~

Praying you have a great weekend!

How is the knitting doing?

Your Friend,