Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Do I Love Thee...

let me count the ways.....
  • you make me coffee every morning
  • take the girls to school
  • rub my feet every night
  • let me adopt animals
  • are the best Daddy
  • walked for hours with our firstborn so she would fall asleep on your shoulder
  • showed me each one of our girls for the first time
  • went back to get my umbrella
  • made me laugh in the ER when we had our miscarriage
  • you have hope and never despair
  • stayed behind to help put out a cabin fire even when we thought you may not get out of the raging forest fire.
  • take me out to dinner even when you don't want to
  • you let me pick too :)
  • carry the girls upstairs when they fall asleep in the car (no matter how big they get)
  • let me iron your shirts just when you think you're making it out the door
  • once carried my dog home from a walk because she gorged on doggie treats
  • washed my 20+ coffee cups when I was single in an apt with no dishwasher
  • clean up throw up and never once had a problem with a dirty diaper
  • carry our chihuahua outside before bedtime.
  • always worry about the brakes in the car
  • allowed me to make the decision for a $1200 shot to save our dog's life
  • didn't complain when it didn't (not to me anyway, I'll have to ask Gary)
  • you clean out the septic tank in the trailer
  • took me to a cat show
  • bring up the Russian Quilt Show Lady whenever I need a laugh
  • deal with the finances and provide for our family
  • yelled "doctor doctor" (w/ a Spanish accent- "dock tore") through a crowded airport in Cancun to help the lady in our shuttle.  
  • shaved your head to support your friend Steve who was fighting cancer
  • and last but not least, once almost bought us a one-eyed clearance pony (thank you for coming to your senses)
Happy Birthday to the love of my life!  You make me laugh everyday.


Your Hubby said...

Oh my dear. That list was great! I laughed and teared up a bit (you know I'm Portuguese) through it all. Thanks for remembering all of those things. All of it is for the love of MY life. Right from the moment I saw you stand behind my little Aunt.

Anonymous said...

Please pass on Birthday wishes to the birthday boy! Have a great day....and maybe let him pick where to go to dinner ;-)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to a Great Uncle and Brother in Law! We were blessed when you joined our family. You have definetly brought more entertainment to the family. We know who we can count on to lighten the mood. Thanks for being so good to my sister!

sequin said...

Thanks to Tia Liv for introducing you two! Was it Ricardo calling for the Doktor in Cancun? Yes, many smiles, many thanks, and many blessings when the Birthday Boy joined our family! Happy Birthday! :)

Katviper said...

I'm showing my husband this list. I think he will tear up a little when he reads it too, especially when I tell him he should rub my feet every night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Anonymous said...

What a great list, Happy birthday to your husband he is a great one! I think my hubby could take some hints from him

Jazzbee said...

I get teary-eyed just thinking what a wonderful man/husband/father my oldest son has become. And he's smart, too -- he picked YOU to share his life! How lucky we are!

Georgiann said...

Now thats bloggin girl~
Great list well done....deep and from the heart! I can relate to many of the things....especially the goes back and gets the umberella...it rains alot here!

Your a great wife....remembering the postive things and laughing with your spouse is the perect combination to make a marriage last!

Tell him Happy Birthday!

Your blog friend,

Love Bandit said...

Happy birthday!!!

hey grasshopper, i got a blog of my own you should check it out