Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

... because...

~The Central Valley fog has arrived and that feels like Christmas to us.  Afternoons still reach mid to upper 60's but our mornings are cold and foggy.  Kaye had an early morning soccer game on Saturday.  She's #88.
~and the regular soccer season is over.  Can you say Y-E-A-H!  What a difference a few hours make with the weather.  I think Jae is hanging up her soccer cleats after only one season.  The ball was actually in play when I took this shot from the sidelines.  If it were chasing butterflies, she'd be first string :)
~Christmas lists have been written and revised.  Jae added her two front teeth to the top of her list.  
~and last but not least, I'm already starting to feel behind.  Oh yeah, and we had to take our car in again for another expensive repair - that seems to happen when we're getting ready to spend a ton of money.  ...but we're getting excited about Thanksgiving, getting up early Friday for killer deals, decorating, playing Christmas music and watching our favorite Christmas movies.  How about you - beginning to get the Christmas spirit?


Georgiann said...

Hi there Grasshopper Girl~

None of my kiddos have played soccor. For us its baseball and football. 2 boys playing basball on select teams. The season starts in January(indoor practices) and ends in September. Practices are 3 days a week with tournaments both days of the weekend! (in differnt locations)
Then football season is August-November. 2 boys play...and the whole month of August practices are 4 days a week then 3 once school starts. Games are every weekend most are on Sunday. This next year we are cutting back....our oldest son will be on a select baseball team thats it!
I do not like such a busy schedule!

This Thanksgiving we will go to the 9 o'clock Mass then cook up our Turkey feast! We aren't having any company.....but we are a house full anyway!
We will be cutting back on the amount of things our children get for Christmas this year. Not because of money...we just want them to start appiciate things more. Less is More!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace In Christ,

Lisa said...

Saturday morning got all of us in the Christmas spirit! With the fog and the cold it finally felt like winter.

We have been getting ready for Christmas all ready. All of the decorations are in the garage ready to go bright and early Friday morning, as long as there is no rain. We have are new nativity ready, but the manger is still not painted. Hubby wanted me to do it tonight after work! He realized that I wasn't going to do it after about ten minutes of laughter on my part.

We have been watching a different Christmas movie every night since Saturday and we did our pre-shopping at Toys-R-Us this Sunday. All we have to do now is enjoy Thanksgiving! Holidays here we come, ready or not!

nicole said...

One of my girls is hanging up the cleats after only one season as well. She is just not aggressive enough for soccer.

I added my Christmas music to my iPod last week. We started listening to it while camping over the weekend. It is the only thing I do before Thanksgiving. We are visiting my parents until Saturday, and when we come home we will put up our decorations. My husband and I both love doing it, so it is fun for the whole family.

sequin said...

Well girls, you are way more into Christmas early than I. I guess, being "old" fashioned (or just a procrastinator) I don't even think about Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. Soooo, needless to say, "I can't think about it today, I'll think about it tomorrow."

Is Kay the only one with the matriarchal competitiveness? She does like that soccer game, doesn't she? Jae is just so cute without those teeth!

Trudy said...

Sequin, yes Kaye is the only one who inherited the competitiveness. Cee does not like it in any form. I guess the middle child is the peacemaker.

LeeLee said...

I´m ready for Christmas! I will probably start decorating this weekend. My big task right now is making the advent calendars for the kids. I could just do the easy route with the store bought chocolate calendars...but no, I make my own with little gifts and candy. That is 24 times 4. But it is a nice way to countdown to Christmas!

J looks so cute without the front teeth! I´m expecting a late loser with Zoey. Griffin is 9 and has only lost 6 teeth!

And I´m glad that my boys quit soccer in favor of basketball. I very much dislike standing out in the wind and the rain...I much prefer a warm gym!