Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two Prayer Requests

With a heavy heart I ask for you to pray for Steve who is in his final days/hours.  He is now in a coma.  May God welcome him immediately into Eternal Life in Heaven and grant His grace and peace upon Karen and the children.  

Also, my Sister-in-Law had surgery today to remove her thyroid.  She had two suspicious nodules on her thyroid.  Please pray for a speedy, uncomplicated recovery with a clear, benign finding.  

Thank you for the prayers on their behalf.  May God be with them.  Trudy


Lisa said...

We continue to pray for Steve, Karen and the family.

We will pray for good results and a speedy recovery for R.

sequin said...

Read this post late and not in order, so I hope all went well in surgery for R.

We offer our prayers for R and her family. Prayers for recovery, and also for peace while waiting. Waiting is a very difficult time.