Friday, August 15, 2008

A Big Surprise

After we arrived at our destination and set up the trailer we walked into town to have some chowder.  We arrived back at camp to a big surprise.  Around the corner behind the trees was Rod's sister and family.  They asked their children where they wanted to go on their vacation (Sea World being one of the choices) and they chose to be with their cousins and grandparents (I guess it's okay that their uncle and aunt are here too).  

We were all surprised (except Grandma who kept it a secret), to see them travel from down South.  We had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon with the kids playing, adults talking and a classic bbq and campfire.  

We're so happy we didn't cave to the pressure of packing Wednesday afternoon.  We were very close to canceling this vacation.  If we had we would missed out on a lot of fun.  A good lesson in perseverance :)


DaTrip2008 said...

Hi Simas Family!

I hope you have a safe and relaxing time. I was on the computer trying to fix Teresa's internet and she directed me to your blog.

Have a great time!


LeeLee said...

I love those kind of surprises! Have a big bowl of Chowder for me!