Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cabin Weekend

We had a great weekend at my Dad's cabin.  Lots of quality family time.  No computers, tv or restaurants to pull anyone away.  We had a small bump in the road on the way up when we had to pull over on the dirt road to let Kaye sit in the front seat because of car sickness.  Within minutes our dog Nutmeg, who also needed to be in the front, threw up on Kaye's leg.  (I dodged that one :)  Seeing and feeling the ickiness that is dog throw up is definitely not a remedy for car sickness.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  We hiked up to 1st and 3rd Falls on Sunday.  We had another dog mishap on our way out the door (neighbor dog on our deck was bothering Nutmeg) so I forgot to grab the camera.  It was beautiful at 3rd Falls.  It started to rain on our hike back.  As we heard the thunder overhead it was both awesome and alarming being so far off the road.

We're back to computers, tv and restaurants (athough trying to restrain ourselves).  Tomorrow I'll be getting a new blog design.  Come back and see.


sequin said...

I love the scrapbook pictures. The girls just are so cute. I'll check back tomorrow!

LeeLee said...

Great pictures! I loved the one with you and your girls... pink becomes you!

Lisa said...

I love the new look! It is a great combination, just the right amount! I just miss Remembering; but I love the e.

Trudy said...

Lisa, I wasn't sure how to keep changing that (as I create new pages) on the side with the new code. Decided as I make new pages to add them as a post instead of remaining in sidebar.

A few more tweaks with Danielle on the blog. I love it. She really came up with a good design and I feel it reflects me - I hope you think so. Lord knows she has been patient with me and my need to get it just right. Poor girl.