Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Day in San Francisco

We arrived in San Francisco yesterday for a little promised trip for the girls.  They were very disappointed when they couldn't go with us January so we promised we would take them this Summer.   We're taking advantage of the three day weekend and our continuing celebration of completing another year of school

Our Hotel is across from the entrance to China Town.  We did a little shopping before our special dinner.  The girls were impressed with the bargains.

We're back at Farallon.  The girls wanted to see "Uncle Slugs restaurant."  DH's brother is Chef de Cuisine.  He sent over many first time dishes for the girls, caviar, lobster, soft shell crab, octupus and squash blossom.  (pictures to come)
Here's Uncle Slug with his three proud nieces.  Jae said "Uncle Slug is the best cooker in the whole world."  I didn't tell him she said that to me once when I brought home KFC.  They noticed they were the only children in the restaurant and said it was because their uncle was the chef.

The most popular thing of the night was when Chef sent over three glasses of GRAPE JUICE to the table.  Boy, did they think this was cool.  More pictures later, we're off to Mass and the Exploratorium today.  Love this City!


sequin said...

Awesome! I'm so glad the girls get to go this time. I'm sure if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, they are loving it too. They look like it! It will be interesting to hear what their favorite part was! Are you going to the Exploratorium?

Lisa said...

Oh their Nanny would be so proud of them! I remember my first time to China Town, the bargains were so exciting. It is exciting when you get to do something special and then have a connection that makes it even more special! How fun to be the only kids and then to know the Chef! I'm sure he had fun showing them off too!
Can't wait to see more pictures.

Angie said...

Wow! This all looks SO cool! I have never been to California before.

sequin said...

Checking out the dahling pictures the picture with the girls holding the wine glasses....that is the biggest smile I have ever seen on little Jae! You better watch her :) ! Hope the exploratorium was fun!