Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

Last week, the day after returning from our trip down south, was one of those weeks full of odds and ends.  I think a lot of things were scheduled the first full week of May because it sounded so far off.  In the last 10 days these extra activities were added to our regular homeschool duties:

started swim lessons (2 days a week)
Godchild's 2nd birthday gathering at Chuck E. Cheese
teacher appreciation day (shopping, wrapping, receiving :)
2 separate hair appointments
piano lessons (really a regular activity)
girls read at Mass
scheduled work in Kindergarten classroom
2 hour consultation with Homeschool Consultant (1 of 3 appointments throughout the year)
career day (had to put together costume)
Niece's birthday party
girls were "Island Girls" in Portuguese festa
homeschool field trip

This leaves for little blogging or a lot of blogging material.  I have laundry piled up again, plants that desperately need planting, things to package and mail and an unusually grumpy and sleep deprived husband.  We have about a week and a half left of our curriculum which is great incentive.  We can use a little Summer and not just in the weather.  I think tomorrow we'll finally be in regular schedule mode - busy but manageable.  Here's to a little regular!


sequin said...

One thing I find that helps after writing the list down is checking it off, crossing it out, and counting down. It feels great to see the list reducing. Don't forget the end of May: Spring Waltz and niece's graduation!

Lisa said...

You always seem to have busy schedules! Now that we have one in school, I am starting to see that we are getting busier and our weekends are getting fuller. With three, you don't have a chance. I am beginning to see why Mom only let us be involved in one thing at a time. I also am beginning to understand why I didn't get to play softball until I was older!