Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

A week ago Sunday, while we were down South for our Godchild's First Communion, we were able to catch the girl's first major league baseball game, Angels v. Orioles.  

Our brother and sister-in-law and one of their two children are big fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (formerly California Angels).  They had an abundance of Angels hats and experience to make taking five kids relatively easy.

There is just one problem, inside that stadium lurks a huge fear for one of these five children.  The excitement of being all together was enough to put off the fear until we stepped down into the stadium to find our seats.

Still, she would not let go of that ear protection.  She had this fear starting as a tiny baby.  I remember her crying and crying at a family reunion from the loud noise level.  

For some, there was nothing better than the all American past-time of a baseball game and hot dog (and cotton candy, ice cream, nachos, lemonade and peanuts) and being together.

How quickly the fear disappeared at the end of the game.  It's remarkable how we forget the pain and remember the joy.  My niece told her Mom after the game, "it wasn't that bad!"  Her Mom had a good laugh.


Katviper said...

I think if she was a Dodger fan she wouldn't have that problem.

Kids ears can be so sensative sometimes. Hopefully she will out grow it and have fun in the future. Great pictures of all the kids.

sequin said...

Yes, those games can get very loud! She must remember enough of the good times to "get back on the horse" the next time. Looks like the rest had plenty of fun!

TNS said...

Yeah, maybe a Dodger game :)

They haven't taken her to a game in quite awhile because of her fear, but thought with all of us she would be okay. She was all excited up until the escalator, so they were thinking she might have gotten better.

Lisa said...

How sad to be so excited and look so happy and know that you are going to be so scared. Has she ever had her ears/hearing tested? If it has been that way since she was a baby, I wonder if it has to do with having really good hearing.
Great pictures and it looks like you all had a great time except for one. What a trooper to hang in for the whole game!