Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday's ultrasound confirmed the one we received last Friday.  It appears the baby grew only to 6 weeks.  I prayed for a great technician and we did have one.  She patiently explained all she was seeing.  It helped me to accept it.  It has been hard to continually feel pregnancy symptoms and not have any signs of miscarriage.  I think the doctor was a bit miffed at us this morning for not taking his advice to have a D&C.  I told him I'm 95% sure I'm having a miscarriage, I just want my body to convince me of the other 5%.  

We have an appointment with our priest tomorrow afternoon.  Since we believe the baby has a soul at conception we are concerned about respecting the remains.  Thank you to all who prayed so hard!

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sequin said...

God has mercy beyond our understanding. Let us praise Him for that we do not understand. We continue to pray for comfort and healing for you and your family.