Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Little Fans of Dancing with the Stars

Our girls, especially the two oldest, are huge fans of Dancing with the Stars.  Oh the excitement, the victory, the falls, it all gets to them.  Here are their top 5 favorite things about the show: (Sure to be tweaked a little once they read this because they believe they are the authority on the show!)

Stacy Kiebler, without a doubt the favorite.  There were actual tears when she was voted out unexpectantly.  Cheryl Burke is know the least favorite of all time and still gets boo-ed at every performance!

Mario Lopez the hero.  The night he lost was another bad night for this household.  It took days to get over this one.

Ashly Del Grosso:  Where are you Ashly?  They miss you, please show up soon and bring your little baby on the show.

Jae's favorite input is to mention "Big Lips."  She came up with this herself and once she got the first laugh she loves to bring her up.

And...last but not least.  What would a night of Dancing with the Stars be without wondering what head gear will be worn by this lady in the band.  They literally wait for this portion, pause, and chuckle at her head jewels.  Sometimes the dress that goes along with it is pretty lively too.

Despite a couple risque dances (we fast forward through) and some skimpy outfits we like this show because it provides a lot of fun family interaction.  We used to get our own performances by "Stacy" "Ashly" and "Big Lips" at commercials but for some reason we have yet to see one this season.

**update**  They've informed me I got it wrong.  Kaye's favorites (in order) - Mario, Stacy, Sabrina.  Cee's favorites (in order) - Ashly, Stacy (a close second), Sabrina, Mario.  Jae's favorite's (in order) - Stacy, Mario, Monique, Ashly, "Big Lips."

p.s.  I notice our little baby on the upper right is getting a little more rounded and a little less like a grasshopper.  I think it changed today at 8 wks.  


Lisa said...

Ok so who is their favorite this year? Kristy, Marlee, Penn?
I don't think I have ever noticed the Band girl; that is funny that they have. I will have to rewind a show.

What are all those girls going to do if a little Jr. comes. They better have their cousin come and stay and get them used to Power Rangers!

sequin said...

????Now what night is it on?????

TNS said...

The dancing is on Monday night 9:00, the results show is on Tuesday 8:00. Be there or be square!

This year's favorites are:
Kaye - Marissa (Hairspray girl)

Cee - Kristi Yamaguchi

Jae - Kristi Yamauchi but she thought her name was Kristi Tamagotchi and she owned the Tamagotchi factory.

Lisa said...

You just gotta love that Jae!

Katviper said...

Ok, your girls are a little to much into details. The band girl, who notices the band girl? I would love to contact the band girl, I bet she would love to know that someone noticed her. And I agree with you, for me it's not the same since Mario didn't win. What a hunk, I mean personality.

sequin said...

I'll be sure to tune in. I know my father-in-law and his girlfriend LOVE the show too! I think its reminiscent of her Las Vegas dancing days! :)