Monday, March 10, 2008

Father Daughter Dance

Last Friday night was the long awaited Father Daughter Dance where Jae attends Kindergarten.  She has been looking forward to this day for sometime now.  The invitation read that you can be a rock star or a princess.  I came up with every lovely princess combination I could find (and we have a lot of choices w/ 3 girls), but she kept insisting on being a rock star.  I tried to create a more wholesome rock look and hope it came off that way.  

She wore some black boots she had with her Christmas dress.  Dinga gave Cee this jacket one year and they've had it in the dress-up box ever since.  It always comes in handy as a biker jacket when they play dress-up with their (boy) cousin.  
I found some iron-on jewels at the craft store to add "rock star" to the back and a rhinestone star to the front.  

Daddy brought her some flowers.  It was probably his most enthusiastic date - at least I hope so, because I know I wasn't that excited on our first date.

They had balloon arches and prizes for the Dads who had certain things in their pockets like hair scrunchies, bobby pins, and kleenex.  The Dad's danced with their daughters and then formed a circle around them to let them dance together.  I heard the decibel level in the cafeteria was glass breaking level when they played Hannah Montana.  I was happy to here that Jae and her little friend just plugged their ears.  Still - a rock star when we have a gazillion princess combinations!  

What a treat to be taken to a dance by her Daddy!  May all her dates be this nice and this cute!


Angie said...

This is so sweet! I can still remember going to a couple of Father-Daughter dances with my Dad. :) They have a Father-Daughter dance at our parish, and I know that Eric is already looking forward to Molly going when she is just a little older.

What a special memory this will be for Jae!

Katviper said...

The pictures are so cute. Even more so, when I have two boys that I can only wish I could dress up like beautiful rock stars. what a great memory.

sequin said...

Oh sweet little Jae - wants to be a rock star! She has the spunk for it. What a great idea with the jacket - cute. Daddy must like rock stars?

Lisa said...

How fun is that! What a great idea. I hope they both had a great time. Of course she wanted to be a rock star, she is a princess all the time. She was an adorable Rock Star at that.