Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Crazies I Find in the Photo Booth

Photobooth is a feature which came free with my well loved MacBook.  It has provided a lot of laughs so far.  I let the kids mess around on there pretty freely so I come across some pretty weird characters.

This one I did for Jae's Huggy Bear Journal.  She has to write about her day with Huggy so just for fun we added his adventure to the moon.

Now we're getting into some alien pictures.  I took this back photo at the beginning and I found Kaye and Cee's adaptation today.  

Cee looks like she would be the frontrunner at a commercial casting call for Kleenex. 

Some alien form showed up from the slumber party.

Kaye enjoys this Superstar interpretation a little too much.  Really, we realize it was a huge error in judgment to let them watch parts of it.  They always beg to rent it again but we say "no."  Unfortunately, it hasn't left their memories.

This one of Jae looks like a certain scary movie in the early 80's that I've always been too scared to watch. 

I promise this looks just like Cee's ultrasound picture minus the hair!

Don't mess with Big Mama!


Lisa said...

Oh my o my! What can you say to all that! I laughed my head off, I can't wait for the kids to see these. And Big Mama watch out is right!

sequin said...

Oh my o my! What can you say to all that? What a great sense of humor you have: 1) to let them play on your beloved computer like that; 2) the adaptations of the pictures and captions ought to be published; and 3) to put Big Mama in there too!!! LOL!