Friday, February 29, 2008

She's Almost our Leap Baby

If 1997 had been a leap year, this little girl would've been a leap baby.  I went into labor early morning on Feb 28th and she was finally born by emergency c-section in the evening on March 1st.  Yeah, it was a long labor and yes she is still stubborn.   Tonight she is having her first slumber party.  These girls have been so excited it's hard to get anything done.  The plight of a homeschool mother when you just need a few hours to run some fast errands.  Instead I shop with three excited girls bouncing off the store aisles.  Still it's a blessing to have them bouncing - I just need to remember that at the time.

Here she is doing one of her favorite things, soccer.  Tomorrow morning she'll be 11 years old.  It's hard to believe.  Athough she gave me a bit of trouble at the very beginning, hardly slept as a newborn, and was the hardest baby transition, she has come to be a pretty easy child.  She is responsible, helpful, and enjoyable.  May this continue through the years!  

Here is a picture of her party favor; popcorn cup, manicure set, nail polish, soda lip gloss, Webkinz trading cards, travel alarm clock, gum, lollypop and microwave popcorn.  

Wish us luck tonight, it's nice to have a patient husband.


sequin said...

Wow - how fast they grow! She looks like the next "Mia", determined to win. Those are some party favors! Was there any sleep planned for the party? Hope all goes well - and congratulations on your daughter's birthday!

Lisa said...

How come I didn't get invited? That favor is as good as the Oscar baskets given to the presenters.

Oh, I remember the wait for that little girl! We couldn't wait to see the dark haired, dark eyed girl; were we surprised. It is so hard to believe that she is eleven.

I think my first slumber party was when I was eleven, do you remember. I hope yours goes better than Mom's did!!

lisafreser said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy the slumber party!
No Twilight Zone...No Talking Tina....eek! lol remember that sleepover? did we sleep? lol