Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Not feeling well today again.  I tossed and turned last night because my throat and ear hurt.  I've been experiencing vertigo for about a month which I've had before.  Decided to see the doctor today and received antibiotics for an ear infection.  My glands and tonsil are swollen on the same side so I guess that's why my throat was hurting.  So, hopefully I'm on the mend soon.  I wasn't sure what to post today, head kind of swimming.  One thing that entered my mind was an overwhelming experience I had when I was a student in college on London Semester.  

Now and then I'm asked if I have a conversion story and I always say, "no" I was baptized Catholic as an infant and was raised in good faith, there was never a time when I didn't believe (not to say I haven't failed God).  Although, if I did have a conversion story it would be the day I walked into a small art gallery in London.  They had an exhibit of Peter Paul Rubens.  He was known during his time for the way he painted skin - life-like with reflection.  We had a group of about 30 with us and it was a small gallery so it wasn't conducive to a lot of reflection.  It didn't matter, when I saw this painting of Jesus dying on the Cross I wanted to fall to my knees.  Instead I stood there, stunned, with tears in my eyes.  This painting was so powerful in person.  I knew right then that faith is a gift.  I will never forget it!

The Crucifixion
by Peter Paul Rubens


sequin said...

Suffering - it is a blessing to be able to understand the grace we can obtain by offering up our suffering for Christ. That experience is a gift, so is the painting. You will be in our prayers.

Lisa said...

What powerful moments we can experience with the grace of God. The picture is beautiful and so is your story.
I hope you feel better soon. Vertigo is a horrible thing to have to deal with.