Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh "Happy" Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Valentine's Day really isn't one of my favorite days.  I think it's more for the Ants, the newly in-love, and the kids.  There's a lot of paper, mail, deadlines, details, and little things involved.  Just as we're getting over Christmas, two of our birthdays, headed for another birthday, this year the start of Lent, another planning event rolls around the corner.  In the last two days I've been to Toys R Us (in search of Webkinz), Target, (in search of Webkinz and cards), Limited Too (found Webkinz), JoAnn's Fabric, the bagel shop, Michaels and twice to Walgreens!  I rushed to the post office to at least show some respect to the grandparents and I drove up at 5:02, just as the mail truck is driving away from picking up the mail.  Sending cards just may be my worst fault - I'm terrible and DH's family is the epitomoE of mail etiquette.  I'm just a sad loser at mail :(  Unfortunately Valentine's Day is in large part about mail.  

So enjoy you Ants out there, you planners, you mail geniuses - enjoy!


sequin said...

LOL, LOL. Loved the overworked cupid! My DH I'm sure agrees with your sentiments - NOT that he doesn't love me - its just that he feels "forced" to show it on this day. (Its just great that he shows me the other 364 days of the year.) I'm Awful at mail too. FYI, a pkg of 32 valentines with pixie sticks at Longs - $2.50.

Lisa said...

I feel exactly like your picture, but of course here I am getting ready to Post!!!
Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cupid... and im not os good with the cards and stuff either


Love Bandit said...

PS "epitomy" is spelled E-P-I-T-I-O-M-E like hyperbole

LOL from your godson in college

Love Bandit said...

extra i in epitome its really E-P-I-T-O-M-E

they should have a typing skills in college

TNS said...

Thanks Love Bandit. See, I'm a sad loser at spelling too! I'm happy to see that your college education has not been a waste, or is that wasty? Hmmm, the college must've improved since I attended.