Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Art Table

This is something that has helped our family so I thought I'd post it in Works For Me Wednesday.  Although I do scrapbook, lately and only occasionally, this table is primarily used by the kids during and after their schoolwork.  Everything is in one place.  There are a lot of containers to place items, so things stay neat (although not necessarily neat within the containers).  Before, we had art items in the laundry cabinets, school room, office, and bedrooms.  Now when there is a project or even when inspiration hits things are easily accessible.  As I said, it hasn't always been this way...take for example one of the areas where we used to store art items - the laundry room cabinets.    

I had an idea of what would work and a look I wanted.  I found the furniture and baskets at Ikea in different departments.  Ikea's my favorite store because of the options and affordability.  The table was under $100.  The rail system which I love, came from Lisa & Becky.  The ribbon spool holder is really great especially if you have girls who wear ribbons everyday.  
All the containers are flower pots which I already had.  It's easy to pick up after a project even for our 5 year old since she knows where each item belongs.  

Oh look, there she is enjoying an art project with everything at her fingertips :)

We place finished items we want to display on cork boards I bought at Michaels in a 4 pack.  Under $10 I think.  We (the girls in the family) each have our own board marked by our initial.  Looks like I better work on something.

It's also convenient just to have everything in one place even when the numbers exceed the four stools.  We have an art class with another homeschool family.  When they come over we set up another table along side this one and still everyone has access to what they need.  

This is what works for us.


Stephanie said...

Your art table is great. How wonderful to have a fabulous space for creativity.

Vickie said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I think you will love Chef at Home. You feel like you are sitting at his island while he is cooking. It is on Discovery Home on Saturday evenings here in Oklahoma.

I am so glad you stopped by so that I would see your blog! That art table is AWESOME!!! WOW! I love it!
Be Blessed,

sequin said...

This is an excellent idea for a grasshopper! You can spend little time working at finding things, and lots of time on the fun stuff. Makes me want to try to set up something like this.

Crafty P said...

still catching up on WFMW posts!

I love your art center. Did you get the table at Ikea? Luckily, we have a store 20 minutes from us! I'd like to create an area like this in our new home- we are currently operating like your old plan- bins here and there and art supplies everywhere!

welcome to the blogging world! I see that we have lots of links in common! I love all those gals on your sidebar- and ali e. was always at the top of my list!


TNS said...

Christina, yes I got the table, overhead organizer, baskets and lights at Ikea (my favorite store).

I'm currently reading Life Artist by Ali Edwards. It's very good! She suggests trying a blog which is a form of scrapbooking. Kelli Crowe and Becky Higgin's sites are awesome too.

Thanks for stopping by!