Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Extreme Weather - or the Closest We Get

The view outside our front door this morning.  It was a foggy morning for many cities in Central California.  In the city we don't have anything to complain about but in the country and on freeways it can get so bad there is literally zero visability.  I've driven in close to that, having to listen with the window down, eyes burning from strain, praying that you'll get to your destination safely.  In those instances you feel relief when you get close enough behind a vehicle to follow their red tail-lights.  Schools here have foggy day schedules, starting classes after 10-11 am when the fog has lifted.  In November we had a terrible 100+ car pile-up on the freeway because of the fog.  It probably looked worse than this:

On cold, foggy mornings like today's, I pray for my loved ones on the road, and am thankful we can stay inside with our books and hot tea.  


sequin said...

Thank you for praying for travelers in the fog! I kiss my DH, tell him I love him, then try to forget about things for an hour or so. I'm just thankful its not zero visibility every day.

Number5 said...

If you were home with school work and hot tea, how did you get that picture? Did the oldest one take it? It looks really bad. We should all take the time to say a prayer for all travelers when it looks that foggy out