Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Speaking my Love Language

After 15 years of marriage we have settled into the comfortable spot of knowing each other. Once Rod thought the best gift for me would be roses, or picking something out for me to wear, or giving me a choice of three sets of earrings... Not that those aren't great gifts it's just not what hits the spot. Now on my birthday he calls to take me to lunch and lets me pick out something not to his liking (Indian food), buys me the Starbucks mug I loved, makes sure I have Sephora scrip so I can replenish some out of budget skin care items AND the best of all.......drumroll......pays off my library fines - my debt to society.

What a man! In true fashion he walked in and told the librarian he would like to place a bail bond for his wife. I'm free....I'm free! I love seeing those zeros at the bottom. Nothing better than a clean slate. (of course it won't stay clean for long)


Lisa said...

What a Great Guy! I would have loved to hear what he told the lady at the library.

redeemed diva said...

That is true love. I am now currently overdue on a book that I have lost. If I tell my hubby now, he'll be able to save up until May! What a great gift. Happy birthday!

LeeLee said...

I can tell that he knows you well! I feel that overdue book fines is one way for me to contribute to the library. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Trudy! I wanted to come over and tell you thank you so much for the guacamole encouragement!

I once owed over $40 to our library, and when they called to tell me I could pay each dollar owed with a can of donated food, I didn't answer the phone because I was afraid they'd yell at me. I missed the opportunity to pay with leftover cans of green beans and had to fork over real money--so sad! Now our library doesn't do fines anymore, and I am one happy girl :) Your husband is a champ!

Fruitful Harvest said...

What a great hubby~
I have 3 over due books right now....eeekkkk!!!