Sunday, January 3, 2010


My oldest brother is a Foodie. Every Christmas we look forward to his family visiting the week after Christmas to New Years. He always has interesting and unique food experiences to share. Whether it's searching out a restaurant he heard about on one of his favorite podcasts, Splendid Table, or a particular style of food he is trying to perfect, he is always enlightening us with his new find. This trip he made homemade potstickers. They were delicious and Cee watched with interest as he made them and then turned it over to her. He surprised her with a potsticker mold on his return from a daytrip to L.A, so this is what she wanted to do this afternoon.

Cee took over using all the tips she had picked up. I found this recipe.

My favorite part was the sauce. I could pour it on anything. I used the three ingredients my brother used ("Lee Kum Kee" soy sauce, rice vinegar & ground ginger) in the proportions listed in the recipe. Cee wants to invite her friend over for a sleepover and have them both make this for dinner that night. They are both foodies in training.


Fruitful Harvest said...

Wow Yummo!
Did you know that you can put pie filling in those wonton wrappers and close them with the gadget to seal them? Fry them and put powdered sugar on cherry or blueberry ones or cinnomin sugar on apple one?
So many ways + kids = fun in the kitchen!

Prayers and Blessings,

Lisa said...

What a great surprise to get her own press! I was in the kitchen when he told her that she could make them until she got tired and then to let him know and he would finish. Her reply was something like, "That will never happen!" And it didn't because she made them until the filling was gone! She did such a great job then and those in the picture look even better! Way to go Cee!