Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Time is On Your Side

I caught each of the girls, without their knowing, doing a SummerTIME activity on their own.  When the days are REALLY hot, swimming is usually reserved for after dinner or occasionally in the morning.  During the long afternoons they first looked to me to be their camp director filling them in on the available activities.  Then I wrote a list of about 15 things on the whiteboard they could choose to do on their own.  So far no one has chosen to write a letter {grin}...but I have been happy to see them filling their time in a productive way.

Kaye gravitates toward reading, organizing, accomplishing something, Cee is always choosing something creative (she's creating her own dollhouse with magazine clippings and scrapbook paper in that picture), and Jae usually plays with her dolls and figures but often I catch her picking up a book or paper and pencil.  

I absolutely love to be home, always have.  So I savor having the girls here without a full calendar.  Continue to enjoy my beginning effort at knitting, started my batch of lupini beans, and check my tomatoes to see if they have grown.  Happy to report we have a small little batch of ripe Sweet 100's daily.  A more realistic view might have our computers in the mix of both photo sets, but we are making an effort to scale down on that activity.

Hope you're catching some free time this Summer to enjoy the things you love.

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