Monday, June 15, 2009

New Perspective

Little baby steps toward healthier living.  Having good choices in stock and the abundance of Summer produce around definitely makes us think more about what we are eating.  Attempting to cut the excess in your life, makes you realize just how much waste you haven't even noticed.  Some of it shows, some of it hidden.  Unprocessed food really does taste better - not a new discovery for most.  

On our trip this weekend we stopped on the way up and back to buy cherries from roadside stands.  Something we have never done.  Steps in the right direction included eating apples on the beach, homemade muffins for a snack at the Aquarium, and making sure we drank lots of water.  

Boy, do we have a LONG ROAD ahead but the beginning rewards are enough to keep us moving along happily.  

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